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Looking for quality landscaping you can trust? We’ve got you covered. Turn to Rich Lawn Services, LLC when you need landscaping services in Fairburn, Peachtree City or South Fulton, GA.

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Your landscape is the first impression when people see your house.. Contact Rich Lawn Services in Fairburn, GA for landscaping installation and maintenance services. We gladly serve the entire Atlanta, Georgia region.

We’re committed to earning a reputation based on vast landscaping knowledge and attentive customer care. Trust Rich Lawn Services when you want to have lush grass, colorful flowers and decorative concrete without lifting a finger. Speak with our experienced landscaping crew right away.

Stop spending hours planting flowers, trimming hedges and mowing your grass and trust the job to Rich Lawn Services. Our lawn care specialists utilize extensive industry knowledge to give you the landscape you’ve always wanted.

What We Offer

Full service care for all your yard’s needs.

Sod Installation

SOD installation is an efficient and effective lawn service that instantly transforms barren or patchy landscapes into lush, green paradises. Ideal for homeowners, commercial properties, and public spaces seeking an immediate aesthetic uplift, SOD installation offers numerous benefits.

Decorative Curbing

Transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece of design and functionality with our Decorative Curbing services. A perfect blend of aesthetics and durability, decorative curbing is an essential lawn service for homeowners and businesses looking to add elegance and definition to their landscapes.

Irrigation And Drainage

Unlock the full potential of your landscape with our professional Irrigation and Drainage services. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your lawn and garden, our services ensure your outdoor space remains vibrant, healthy, and free from water-related issues.

Lawn Maintenance

Elevate the beauty and health of your outdoor space with our comprehensive Lawn Maintenance services. Designed for homeowners, businesses, and public spaces aiming for impeccably maintained lawns, our services cover all aspects of lawn care to ensure a lush, vibrant, and thriving landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Transform your garden into a breathtaking nighttime landscape with our Professional Landscape Lighting services. Perfect for homeowners and businesses looking to enhance the beauty, safety, and functionality of their outdoor areas, our lighting solutions create enchanting atmospheres that can be enjoyed after the sun sets.

Landscape Design

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our comprehensive landscape design services, tailored for homeowners, businesses, and community spaces seeking to transform their exteriors into stunning landscapes. Our expertly crafted designs blend sustainability, and usability, creating spaces that enhance your quality of life.

Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Weekend Mowing Your Lawn?

Our lawn care crew has the skills and experience to transform your residential and commercial landscape. 

Our Work

Schedule a consultation with Rich Lawn Services today. We serve residents in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas.

What Our Clients Say

Rich Lawn Service, LLC did an excellent job installing concrete edging around my flower beds, replacing mulch, and replacing trees. They are very knowledgeable of landscaping, and made some great recommendation on how to improve my yard. I definitely will be referring Rich Lawn Services, LLC to my friends, family and neighbors.

Rashard Roberts

Rich's Lawn Service definitely didnt disappoint. They provided a very professional experience and most importantly they were damn good! Rich gave a quick estimate and even designed a look for my landscaping on the spot. They arrived early and knocked everything out in one day. Cleanup was immaculate and he even threw in a few additional services that he saw a need for. A+ service. I would definitely recommend.

Mike Sanders

This company is AMAZING!! Great prices and quality work. Their response time is great and they really care about the work they do. They use your vision along with their experience and turn it into your dream yard. So if your looking for that right company to take of your property this is the one. Thank you Rich Lawn Service!!

Victor Broughton

Rich Lawn Service did an EXCELLENT job on the concrete edging in my yard. Very customer friendly and responsive. High quality work! Definitely will call again! Such a great experience

Susan McPhail

Rich lawn services very professional and knowledgeable. I called Mr. Richardson to my home for a free consultation for curbing and landscaping design. He was able to capture my wife vision to create a beautiful landscape design for our outdoor living space. I was impressed with the process, and options of the curbing design my wife and I signed the contract. The project was completed on time and the experience was great. I would recommend Rich Lawn services. A five star company.

Revon Jackson

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